Black Pistol started 2 years ago with Roan Mustang and Stiaan Bruwer. They met by accident on a lazy Sunday in Durbanville, Cape Town. Stiaan was looking to join a band and Roan was writing songs, and looking for the perfect vocalist to suit the music. They decided to start working together and write songs.

With Stiaan on vocals and Roan on guitar, they eventually recruited long-time friend and bassist, Jacques Michael Le Roux. Roan and Jacques is also in another band together called Chris Ross. They recorded their first single, “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” in mid-July, at Kill City Blues studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, which is run by George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence). The song features Johann Rossouw on drums, who is no longer in the band.


The song is the first single and they’re planning to record their EP in November also at Kill City Blues with a session drummer. The song is mixed and recorded by George van der Spuy and Nicolai Roos. Mastered by Tim Lengfeld.

They are currently working on the final touches on the songs that will be recorded for the upcoming EP. They are planning to launch everything beginning of 2017 while looking for a new drummer.

If you’re looking for new music and totally in love with the local music scene, we suggest you check them out. Keep your eyes on this page, we have a great short clip of their unplugged song, Brandy. Which will definitely grab your attention! Lekker raw and mesmerizing. We cannot wait for their EP, in the meantime – follow this link to their music.

And if you’re a drummer, and looking for a new approach to the local scene, give them a shout on Facebook!