Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark has been named the best restaurant several times in the past. The food served in the famed restaurant showcases the best local ingredients; from flowers, sea urchins and ants… yes ants, and don’t forget the grasshoppers. A full meal at Noma will set you back a mere $280 – that’s about R3200 for a meal. Nice!

A few of the items on the menu looks really good, but in all honesty, a lot of the ‘volks-vreemde’ dishes served won’t enter this face, maybe it’s the silver spoon I have yet to receive, or maybe it’s my insatiable craving for a plain steak,grilled on a braai with ‘braai-broodjies’ to even up the meal?

We’ve included a few photos of their food and what you can expect in each dish. Mouthwatering stuff.


First Course: Fresh berries in fresh herbs

Noma 1
Course Two: Langoustine (Alive)

Noma 2
Course Three: Flower tart

Noma 3
Course Four: Summer peas with chamomile

Noma 4
Course Five: Hay smoked quail egg

Noma 5
Course Six: Tar tar of Danish beef with celery and black ants

Noma 6
Course Seven: Sea urchin with hazelnuts

Noma 7
Course Eight: Caramelized cabbage with rose petals and greens

Noma 8
Course Nine: Shaved cod liver on burnt milk

Noma 9
Course Ten: Roasted baby cucumber with ants and scallop fudge

Noma 10
Course Eleven: Savory Danish donuts with bitter greens and grasshopper

Noma 11
Course Twelve: BBQ’d summer onion

Noma 12
Course Thirteen: Danish squid with blackcurrant sauce

Noma 13
Course Fourteen: Blackberries and cherries in a seaweed broth with cured turbot roe

Noma 14

Course Fifteen: Butternut squash with caviar from Finland

Noma 15
Course Sixteen: Roasted lettuce root with various wild steamed greens in a lemon verbena sauce

Noma 16
Course Eighteen: Roasted bone marrow

Noma 18
Course Nineteen: Pickled squash

Noma 19
Dessert: Rhubarb rose with crème fraiche in apple broth

Noma 20
Dessert Two: Raspberries in a rye cream

Noma 21
Dessert Three: Chocolate covered fermented mushroom

Noma 22
Dessert Four: Egg nog with marinated cherries

Noma 23
Dessert five: Chocolate covered pork rind with berries

Noma 24