Yes, this is a Ben Stiller video… of him saying “Little” a lot, it’s four minutes and eight seconds long. No problem, right?

But let us warn you: four minutes and eight seconds starts to feel like an eternity when you realize just how often Ben Stiller has said the word “little” in his career — especially in the context of calling someone a “little baby,” and describing (in detail) all of the accessories they should be carrying to wear that insult like a badge. To be fair, around the three-minute mark, the focus shifts to Stiller’s co-stars referring to him as little.

Some actors have go-to tics and things that they say all the time…we just didn’t realize that this was one of Stiller’s. Like Owen Wilson and “Wow” or Keanu Reeves and his signature, “Whoa”

Enjoy…if you can.