And you thought a pigeon or two crapping on your car was bad...

If you thought your car looked bad after a few hours under a tree… try leaving it under THAT for a few minutes. Shit-storm, anyone?

To be honest, I’m more of a COD (Call Of Duty) fan myself, but I’ve always appreciated games like Battlefield. While I prefer the slightly faster paced gameplay COD offers, It’s sometimes good to slow it down and enjoy the view. Battlefield games always look brilliant (and often puts other FPS titles to shame when it comes to visuals), which is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Well, that, and the vehicular-manslaughter capabilities the game offers.

I have no qualms with saying I like pretty graphics and fucking huge explosions… who doesn’t right? And that’s exactly what this gameplay reveal has no shortage of…

(There’s no shame in admitting your 17 minute long nerd-gasm ;))

  • Battlefielder

    :O Battlefielders laugh at Codders.

    • Hey Battlefielder, thanks for reading the post, and for commenting. Much appreciated 🙂

      I honestly couldn’t care less which game people think is better. I play both Battlefield and COD, and thoroughly enjoy them both. Gamers should stop swinging their dicks about which is better, and just enjoy gaming – the best form of entertainment there is.