Being trapped in a hospital with the walking dead sounds like a creepy time. That’s what Dead Drop Studios LLC is hoping for with their game, Outbreak: The New Nightmare.

Recently posted to Steam Early Access, the successor to Outbreak just had a fresh patch released, which adds a host of bug fixes and features. The story for the game has you trapped in Arzt Memorial Hospital after a viral outbreak swept through a town in the central United States.

You now face the walking dead and other creatures roaming the halls as you scramble to survive and uncover the source of the outbreak. With four different characters to play as (each with varying abilities), and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal (but limited inventory), you’ll have to think smart to survive.

The game will also have multiplayer support, allowing up to four friends to battle the undead and other monstrosities. This initial Early Access release includes the first campaign scenario, and a wave-based survival Onslaught mission. You can pick up the Early Access release for $7.19 USD.

Check it out below: