Gone are the days where you had to sow or knit your favourite superhero costume, the time of the 3D printer (if you can afford it) is upon us. Steven Dee of Crimson Coscrafts, along with the help of Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX created this amazing Batman costume from the video game Arkham Asylum by using a 3D printer. This is the future of cosplay!


The only things not created by the 3D printer is the cape and under-suit. Is this the future of dress up parties and Halloween? No more rushing a few hours before a party to find something suitable to wear, all you have to do is set your 3D printer (lucky bastard) to create a nifty piece to prance around in. We can’t wait for the Harley Quinn costumes…

Check out the photos:

download 3d-printer-used-to-make-batman-arkham-origins-costume3 3d-printer-used-to-make-batman-arkham-origins-costume batmancosplayarkam7855667