How about this for a weekend treat to all of you. I was recently at the Sexpo in Johannesburg, and what amazed me other than than the fact that I saw more slong than boobs *sad face* is that there was an overflow of sexy lingerie for ladies.

It tickled my fancy and got me interested in this theme for the week, it is what dreams are made of and if anybody has a lady that wears naughty clothes like these. You are indeed a lucky basterd; I got the idea also from a lady follower who thinks about getting one of these but is hesitant that it won’t fit. Don’t worry it will fit just fine, and you will make one guy a very happy man indeed. So go for it and wear it with pride, just don’t forget that everyone is sexy in their own way.

Well I am out of here, till next week.


Lingerie gallery next…