Everyone likes FREE stuff right? Why am I even asking, of course you do! Here’s your chance to win a double set of tickets to see international pop-legend Daniel Bedingfield, at the unmistakably-epic Hatfield Square Pretoria!

The supporting line-up is the icing on the awesome-cake; Wrestlerish and Daniel Barron will be opening for the other Daniel, to ensure that it will be a night to remember!

“Enough with the wordy-things! Tell us how we can win!”

Okay, okay! To win your tickets, go down to the comment section and let us hear your most epic, Hatfield Square story (everyone should have at least one). For those that aren’t lucky enough to have been to Hatfield Square yet; throw a tweet with Hatfield in to @WhyIamEd

The tweet must contain Hatfield, and should also let us in on your reason for why you need these tickets. Something along the lines of “I need them, because if I don’t get the tickets, my girlfriend will beat me… again”.

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