Why Ed is excited to provide an opportunity to artists, festival organizers, musos, and companies with products and the like to be featured on Why Ed. We’d like to offer amazing people the opportunity to obtain exposure from us through our fanbase. We already have a large, ever-growing audience, and an extremely loyal following. This is a great platform to get the word out and make a few new fans.

We’ve been involved in numerous campaigns for well-known artists and companies in the past, and we have a history of lucrative collaborations with many others, all from different sectors in the entertainment industry.

Why Ed‘s reader base includes people from (but not limited to) all corners of South Africa, and is visited most predominately by readers aged from 16 to 50. We cater to a rapidly growing audience of some of the most engaged and passionate readers.

Our unique views per month average around 10,000 – 25,000 (increasing monthly), and have reached highs of 150,000 per month. We cater to just about everyone at Why Ed, and never discriminate against anyone. it’s just good business. We’d like you to invest in us, to build with us, and most importantly, to trust us to get your brand noticed.

How we feel about this step.

How we feel about this step.

The content at Why Ed will always be unique and engaging, and you can be sure that we always check our facts before publishing any and all content. The prices to be featured on Why Ed range from R700 – R2500 depending on the kind of exposure you require. Discounted rates are also be given. Any article will be on the homepage for 10 days and will never be removed from our database.

If any of this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, then send us an email at whyiamed@gmail.com, or if you’d rather speak to us in person, please feel free to give our Executive Editor/Fearless Leader, Ed England a call at 072 108 9189.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

*On a slightly more serious note, the team at Why Ed includes probably some of the most entertaining people you will ever meet, and very rarely say no to an event or a chance to make a difference. Why Ed started out as a blog with the aim of promoting local talent, and to give like-minded people a platform to make their voices heard. We’re proud to say that it’s been six years, and we have yet to disappoint.