With all the commotion surrounding the Blink-182 split, we’re quite surprised Tom went ahead with the release of a new music video from Angels and Airwaves, called “Tunnels” The song isn’t too bad… it’s maybe just a bit too “new Tom” than old Tom. Whatever that means – but you can check out the music video right there with a press release:

Angels & Airwaves’ video for “Tunnels” begins with the band playing in front of slow-moving images of the colorful galaxy but soon morphs into something much more than a run-of-the-mill performance video: Clips of futuristic landscapes from an animated film titled Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker make their way in and are intercut with the shadowy shots of Angels & Airwaves.
Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, directed by Angels & Airwaves frontman Tom DeLonge, follows a lucid dreamer facing his inner demons. It won Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival and is part of a wide-spanning multimedia project that includes film, comics, and music.

You can purchase The Dream Walker from iTunes right here: