The Wolfpack is the first single from our upcoming album, The Dream Walker, which is part of a bigger trans-media project called Poet Anderson The Dream Walker. The song is a bit of a journey in and out of the many teeth of the music business — an industry that can be a sexy girl on one hand, but a vicious axe murderer on the other.Tom DeLonge

So know you know what the song and music video are all about according to lead singer Tom DeLonge; a musical “bite” into the music industry if we can describe it. The music video has an eye candy babe in, and also “Poet Anderson” if you’ve seen the previews for The Dream Walker.

We dig the song, and like the way AVA have “grown” throughout the years, from “We Don’t Need To Whisper” up until their latest offering – The Dream Walker. Steady but surely Tom and the drummer (WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE BAND?) are making a name for themselves in the alternative/pop/electro/U2-ish industry. Check it out below: