One of my favourite bands, Angels & Airwaves, released a new trailer for “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker,” an animated short that is not only the brainchild of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves funny/frontman Tom DeLonge, but also features music from the group’s upcoming album, “The Dream Walker.”

Indiewire Reports: “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” chronicles a hero’s journey. Poet Anderson is a Lucid Dreamer — someone a real-time awareness of the dream state. His unique capabilities prompt him to explore a deeply fascinating, dark world, where he not only meets his guide and protector, The Dream Walker, but also his worst nightmare, a vicious monster called the Night Terror. When reality and the dream world collide, however, Poet must gather his courage and become the hero he was meant to be.

Poet Anderson The Dream Walker

This is not the first time that DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves have ventured into filmmaking in tandem with an album release. Back in 2010 and 2011, the release of “Love” and “Love: Part Two” was accompanied by a feature film on which both DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves are credited as producers. Also titled “Love,” the film examines themes of isolation and human connection through the journey of an astronaut.

As a huge AVA supporter, I loved this animation as it provided me with glimpses into the world of Tom DeLonge, and it’s a place I would want to live in. TRUE STORY!