The Amblers are a folksy, blues rock duo emerging through the vibrant and diverse music industry in South Africa. Residing in the musically driven city of Johannesburg, the two have a broad range of both local and international musical influences from Southern Gypsy Queen and The Black Cat Bones, to The Rolling Stones and Jack White. Their approach to music is raw but not unpolished, lending an authentic energy to huge drums and dirty, vintage guitar tones.

Acclaimed drummer Jason Hinch provides an accomplished and powerful framework for Justin Swart to deliver his racontuerish ideas of music and lyrics to the listener. The duo have recently released their first body of work together, a collection of hard hitting songs titled “The Dustling Man” and are currently in studio working on a new album.

The Dustling Man is available to stream and purchase on Deezer and iTunes.

With that said, we had a quick chat with Justin.

Hi, Justin. Thanks for chatting with us. You’ve just released your debut EP. How has the response been on The Dustling Man?

Thank you, for chatting with us! Yeah, the first EP has been an exciting journey and we are glad that its out there and available for people to enjoy. That’s what music is about, isn’t it? Having something to say, and doing your best to say it! The Dustling Man has been well received by industry people and the public alike. It’s always tough breaking a new act in, so we are so grateful for the reception The Dustling Man has received thus far.

Going back to the beginning, how did The Amblers start?

Well… it was a cold, dark, lonely July in 2016… Haha, just kidding. That’s such a tough question to answer! Where do such things really forge their beginnings? We have both been around making music for some time, bumping into each other at festivals and sharing stages over the years. Somehow, one day there we were at Radio City in July 2016 making music. We hope we will get to keep doing it!

Why should people check out and listen to The Dustling Man?

If they don’t, they shall surely DIE! Of sadness! 😊 Too much? ☹

How would you describe your EP to the everyday person?

Listening to The Dustling Man is something like being in the same room with us. That’s just what we wanted. It was important to us. All of the songs were produced from single takes of us having a blast, telling our stories. We captured complete passages in time. We chose not to chop every moment we captured up in the pursuit of perfection and a pat on the back. For us, that’s special.

You’re currently busy with a new album in studio, take us through the process of recording and the inner workings of creating an album?

Working on the new album already is exciting and we are hoping to bring even more energy and diversity. We don’t really have a set polished process for how we go about it. We are both audiophiles, which brings a lot of creative energy to the process. Like before, capturing a moment in time is so important to us. Letting go in this way is sometimes difficult. Production culture is often the opposite of this and can drain every breathe of excitement out of a beautiful experience for us. We don’t want that. We want to capture the best of what we can bring in any given moment of time and offer that to the listener.

What makes you excited about being an artist in South Africa?

Simply everything! South Africa’s music scene seems to keep bursting at the seems in one way or another, across genres. Despite the naysayers. We love it and are so excited to be a part of it in some way.

How can people get hold of you?

We love interacting with people on social media. Folks can get in touch with us primarily at