MCCREE was formed in 2008 by Mark McCree, easily one of the leading local vocalists, song writers and lyricists in SA, along with Lorne McGregor (Bass), Tristan Carmichael (Guitar & Keys) and Richard Brodrick (Drums), all of them seasoned musicians in their own right.

Together they’ve established themselves as a highly respected band on the SA rock scene, having performed on most major music festival stages, with tracks successfully play-listed on leading South African Commercial radio stations including 5FM.

They were signed to Sony Music for distribution of their debut album ‘Of Hopes And Dreams’ produced in collaboration with leading SA producers Theo Crous – Bellville Studio’s and Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw – Heritage Sound.

Their music has a solid rock base with catchy and uplifting melodies and hook-laden power guitar riffs.

We caught up with the guys and asked them a few questions.

Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to have a quick chat with us. We’re huge fans of MCCREE and went absolutely fanboy when had the chance to talk to you guys. So, how are things in Cape Town at the moment?

(TRISTAN) Great to meet you and thank you for this opportunity. Things are going well thanks. You know, suns out guns out kinda feeling here. Hahaha
We’ve been pretty busy performing a few residencies across Cape Town over the past four months as well as two festivals in December. We sadly had to say goodbye to Richard and Lorne. Lorne is moving to UK and Richard wanted to work on his fishing skills haha. Actually, don’t know why Richard left, but we’re all still very close. We’ve got Matthew Norman and Jeanre Leo in. They are really awesome talented musicians!

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

(TRISTAN) We’ve known each other for 7 years now.Some bit longer. We mostly met through other bands (some really kak ones) and just decided to start something new together.

What are you working on right now, any new songs or albums in the mix?

(MARK) We have been working on some new tracks for a while now, we are hoping to release a new single pretty soon, I think releasing an album at the moment is on the cards but our focus is on writing new material and releasing a single. It’s been a while since we released ‘This Gift’ online so we’re itching to put something out.

We cannot wait! What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

(MARK)I guess I write a lot about personal experiences or things I have seen, I do occasionally write songs around themes or stories I make up in my head, kind of like writing a book but only a hell of a lot shorter 🙂

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

(TRISTAN) Well, I would say we’ve definitely gone a lot more raw and gritty compared to when we first started out. I suppose the best way to describe it is less ‘LA’ sounds and more British. Also, the whole music industry has evolved in the last 5 years. Some things you would never consider to be rock are now, uh rock I guess. There’s an element of staying true to oneself but also drawing inspiration from what’s going on around you. We’ve been listening to a lot of Car Park North. Really great Danish band.

Any local artists you guys draw inspiration from?

(TRISTAN)We’re big fans of Springbok Nude girls. We grew up listening to them. I would also have to say bands like Monark and The Dirty Skirts. I don’t think the Skirts are around any more though.

Don’t think so… What’s your personal favourite memory of playing in MCCREE?

(MARK)Driving to Jeffrey’s bay to play a big show for the Billabong surf event, the rain started to come down (was like the flood of the last 50 years) so we headed into the town for a few hours before playing, when we came back, the whole venue looked like a lake so all the bands ended backstage just having a few drinks, I think they tried to put a band on stage, but the rain was coming down so hard and sideways it was hitting the drummer. Although we didn’t get to perform, it was great just chatting with the other bands which you don’t normally get to do normally.

(TRISTAN) It’s quite a rare thing to see 10 top bands all backstage totally trashed just because we wanted to stay warm.

Sounds like a #jol. Where can people find you next?

(TRISTAN) We’re on Facebook/mccreeband and Twitter @mccreeband. We also accept pigeon mail.

Last question, any plans to visit Pretoria soon, as you have quite the following here?

(TRISTAN) We would love to visit PTA, we have played a few times there and would love to come back. Tuks Fm have also been great to us.. We’ve definitely found that we always get huge support when we visit so hopefully really soon.

Awesome! Thanks for the chat! We hope to see you soon!