One of the fun things about FX’s “American Horror Story” is trying to decipher clues and figure out what each season will be about. Everyone is always wrong, but it doesn’t mean playing the game isn’t a good time.

This past Wednesday FX aired the season finale of “Roanoke”. Just before the 10th episode aired, FX tweeted out a short promo that looked as if they were signing off for the year, but on closer examination appears to be an early clue as to what the seventh season will be about.

Below is the promo that says “sweet dreams,” while also adding that “all of the monsters are gone,” neither of which have anything to do with “Roanoke”. On the other hand, visually there’s a body of water as well as a flash of the “Roanoke” stickmen. Now that we know the seasons are crossing over, could Season 7 somehow tie into “Roanoke”?

Here’s our best guess thanks to ‏@JDGriff23: Roanoke is on the outer banks of North Carolina. We never see the coast, although there is a historical tie-in… Did you know that Blackbeard’s (Edward Teach) ship was discovered on the coast of North Carolina? Did you know that there’s a ghost story attached to his lore?

Here’s how it all went down, ending with Blackbeard being decaptitated and his head being displayed on the ship’s bowsprit.

Blackbeard’s reign on the high seas came to an end on November 22, 1718. Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood sent a ship commanded by John Maynard down to the North Carolina coast to track down and kill Blackbeard. Maynard surprised Blackbeard and a skeleton crew anchored at Teach’s Hole. In the ferocious battle that followed, Blackbeard was shot five times and stabbed no less than twenty. The pirate crew was all killed or captured.

Blackbeard’s head was chopped off and hung from the bowsprit of Maynard’s ship. The pirate’s headless body was thrown overboard. Legend has it that the headless body swam around Maynard’s ship three times before sinking below the waters.

Ever since then, it’s been said that Blackbeard’s ghost haunts the spot known as Teach’s Hole. Many people have reported seeing a strange light moving beneath the water in the cove. This ghostly light is thought by some to be Blackbeard’s spirit, swimming through the waters, searching for his missing head.

There are those who believe that on stormy nights you can hear Blackbeard’s voice calling out in the wind. On nights when the angry wind is roaring and the hard rain coming down, many people have heard a horrible roaring coming from this hidden cove. They say that it’s a unearthly noise that sounds like a pained human voice bellowing “Where’s my head?”

But wait, there’s more evidence! If we revisit the Season 6 finale, there’s a sequence with the “Spirit Chasers” who, while investigating a loud crash, catch a shot of a model ship that’s fallen on the ground. Here’s the exact moment that lends more credence to the concept of a ship-themed seventh season…



Again, this is all speculation and part of the fun.



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