With the release date of the PS4 drawing slowly (oh so damned slowly) ever nearer, our excitement for Sony’s new behemoth has been building up, almost to the point of us considering freezing ourselves in ice until its release – yes, like Cartman did in South Park… Only we wouldn’t count on Butters to unfreeze us (because, you know… retard).


So, since we can’t freeze ourselves in the snow – since it’s hot as balls here in SA at the moment – all we can do is salivate over this piece of tech, and show you everything it has to offer.

Here are most of the videos about the PS4 that have already been released:

First, lets take a little trip through gaming memory lane with PlayStation; “4 The Players Since 1995”:

And here’s a trailer that will make you feel proud to be a (PlayStation?) gamer, and also make you feel like a fucking boss! “Official PlayStation Greatness Awaits Trailer”:


Here’s a pretty damned cheesy video, but it makes the PS4’s interface look really awesome: “PlayStation 4 Interface Commercial”:

And just in case you were even considering giving the PS4 a skip, this trailer will change your mind; “PlayStation 4 | The Best Place to Play”:

There should be a whole lot more coming out the closer we get to the release, so stick around.