After 20 years as one of the most iconic bands in South African rock ‘n roll, Akkedis are releasing their 6th album, Onder Ou Tafelberg.

This album has been 7 years in the making and encompasses an array of styles and subject matters to represent the wide variety of fans the band have gathered through the years. SAMA-award winning producer, Peter Pearlson, skilfully captures their complex sound; from African-inspired rhythms to gritty rock ‘n roll and back to acoustic melodies. Akkedis did not hold back, and let their ingenuity run wild.

“We took our time with this album and made sure that creatively it represented everything we have been crafting in the past 20 years.”
-Arthur Dennis

The title , Onder ou Tafelberg, pays homage to those who forged their lives in the streets of District 6 and can be heard in the first single from the album, Musiek van Hanover Straat.


We had a chat with Akkedis:

Hi, guys! Onder ou Tafelberg took a whopping 7 years to complete, what challenges did you face while completing this record?

It took 7 years, because we recorded 2 albums in the meanwhile with Piet Botha as the Lyzyrd Kyngs. The recording of the new album only took about eight months on and off. It takes time to make an album if you are constantly on the road.

What message do you want Onder ou Tafelberg to convey to all your fans?

We are still kicking with the old rock n roll style but included more Cape Town “Kaaps” traditional sound.

Which track was your most favorite to record from Onder ou Tafelberg?

Ode Aan Ouma Grietjie. When we started laying down banjo, washboard and penny whistle, it just felt so “another planet” type sound than we normally play. We felt at home, specially recording while looking at Table Mountain the whole time.

Sounds great! How has your music evolved since you first began to Onder ou Tafelberg?

We included more traditional Kaaps with the normal rock and reggae we always did. Peter Pearlson (producer) influenced a great deal with African drum style and new rock sounds. He made a big difference in the sound of the album. Ander Kant Die Berg evolved into something new.

How would you describe a typical Akkedis show?

It is a party of note every time. We have so many friends around the country by now. And meet new ones every show.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band in South Africa?

Keeping up with technology. We toured before cell phones where out. Now there are so many platforms to communicate with. The petrol price, and exchange rate for buying equipment. Flying with guitars.

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On another topic, we saw your “Irish set” at STRAB, any plans for more of these shows? It was hilarious and fun!

Conrad Jamneck came up with that idea. We played so much Irish music in the 90’s and he still remembers that. (most probably the only one). It’s great around a fire and house parties.

We want an invite to the next one. What shows stand out for you the most? And why?

There’s a new show in Ndumbi Transkei, STRAB Mocambique, and Up the Creek. Oceans, rivers and live music!

How would you define the word “success” as a band?

Success: Being able to tour the whole South Africa and neighbouring countries and people know your songs and buy tickets for the shows.

What is the secret of staying relevant in an ever-changing South African music scene for 20 years?

Not copying others and keep touring and recording.

What is next for Akkedis?

Video shoots, writing more material. Filling in SAMRO sheets.

Awesome manne, thanks for the chat and all the best to you!