Agony is a game that first hit the interwebs in August. It follows the story of a tormented soul trying to escape hell, that’s all we know about Agony at the moment.

With that little in mind, Possibly The Goriest Game Ever is a damn bold boast to make. To really shock us, you’ll have to be something pretty freaking special. PT special. Agony seems to talk the talk, but can it walk the walk? Let’s take a quick early ogle.

What we’re dealing with here is a survival horror with puzzler elements. As Destructoid reports, it casts your ass into hell, where you progress by possessing different demons with various powers. Powered by Unreal 4, Agony looks amazing, if amazingly horrifying (‘The visuals and presentation are simply fascinating. Everything is made up of viscera and nightmares — the likes of human guts and teeth as the building blocks for walls and doorframes,’ as the ‘toid puts it), and it’s sure one to keep an eye on.

Check out the latest trailer, and be creeped out in all the right ways.