Today sees the official release of the new album from Adventure Man, entitled Dog Daze. The album comes after the release of the first single and music video, Let’s Stay Home, earlier in March 2017.

The writing for the album started in 2015 by Gad De Combes, with most of the songs being completed in 2016. ‘Playing Games’ and ‘My Basenji’ were the last two songs written in February 2017. The album was recorded at High Seas Studios with Jacques Du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus producing and engineering.

Gad had written a song about his border collie, Sammy for his first album. Once he had written ‘Sorry Shaniqua’, he realised he had a lot more dogs which are his perfect source material. He made a conscious effort to get every track to sound completely different from each other for the new album, with themes of idioms and children’s rhymes throughout.

“I chose the name DOG DAZE because I love the pun; the idea that a dog’s love can put you in a daze, but I also know that there might come a time in life when I won’t be able to have a dog and then I could always reminisce about the days that I did.”

While nowadays most songs are about breakups or parties, Gad writes about evil shopping malls and dogs. “Dogs mean everything to me. They don’t judge you or make you feel inferior, they just want to love. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?”

He describes the songs on the new album as more evolved than that on his previous album. Jacques and Adrian co-wrote three of the tracks with him, and their immaculate production really pushed the new album. Gad could also get a bit more creative with the arrangements of the new songs seeing as he now performs with a full band.

We had a chat with Gad about the release and his adorable pug.

Hi Gad. Thanks for chatting with us. We would like to ask this first, as your doggo has been on almost every single photo on social media. Tell us a bit more about Shaniqua.

Shaniqua is my beautiful lady pug, she’s turning 2 in a few days! She usually comes out with me, she loves meeting new people! She was an obvious inspiration for the first track I wrote for the album.

Awesome! How would you describe DOG DAZE?

I’d like to think of Adventure Man albums as chapters in my life. This album is much more personal than my first, there are songs dealing with a breakup, a song I did with my brother about a dog of his that died many years ago, and songs based on tv shows I saw as a kid that I remembered badly.

How did you come up with the idea for LET’S STAY HOME.

It was inspired by a bunting flag hanging in the kitchen of the studio where i record. I really liked that as a title, and tried to write a song with that in the lyrics. We ended up rewriting in the studio, then got on Becca to compliment my voice, which she did and more!

Nice! Was the recording of DOG DAZE any different to your previous projects?

I write almost everything myself, but this time I had a full band to help with the recording. Po-Chung played drums on most of the tracks where the first album is mostly loops and computer beats. We also had a lot more collaborations, with Grassy Spark and Jon Shaban helping out with songs…

We saw you at Oppikoppi, killing it on stage, are there any other upcoming shows you would like people to know of?

Yes! We’ll be launching our new album at Rumours on Gad’s birthday 24 March, Arcade Empire 25th March (those shows with the Plastics and Shortstraw) and in Cape Town 31st March Manila bar and 1 April at Aandklas Stellenbosch with Diamond Thug and Veladraco

Sweet. How would you describe a typical Adventure Man performance?

I would compare it to eating cotton candy while on a ferris wheel

Haha! We see that most of our local artists are huge animal fans, how important have your pets been in your life?

I’ve always had dogs in my life, my alsation Muggy from when I was a baby, my toy pom Rexy throughout all of school. And my current gang that also include 2 border collies, Sammy Davis Jnr and Bruno, along with Shaniqua. They’re always the ones I miss the most when I’m away on tour.

We can imagine… How did you come up with the name Adventure Man? And is there any secret meaning to it?

Haha, I really loved the Nintendo game Adventure Island, the character was Adventure Boy, I’d like to think he grows up to be in a band singing songs about his dogs

Nice to know 🙂 Last question, what does the future hold for Adventure Man?

I’m working on a series of children’s books based on our songs, and I’m looking at doing some more collabs in future…