Have you ever thought what would happen if a toad and a bat got it on and had a kid? Neither have we, but for a moment let’s imagine what the offspring of these two would look like…

Can’t really imagine it? Well you don’t have to… here’s natures little mistake in all its nightmare fueling horror:


Cringe! Imagine this thing flopping onto your head and getting tangled in your hair… yeah. But fortunately, while it looks like a frog with bat wings growing out of its fucking FACE, the reality of the photo is a lot less terrifying.

It’s in fact not the most messed up creation nature has ever come up with, but simply a frog that came across a bat and tried to swallow it whole… Which in itself is pretty disturbing, but anyway. Bats often fly very close to the ground while hunting insects, and the toad probably just got very lucky and snagged one. After trying in vain to get its meal into its stomach, the toad gave up; and surprisingly, the bat was mostly unharmed and flew away.

We are very glad the photo isn’t what it looks like, because if a bat/frog hybrid existed, the world would just be too screwed up a place to live in anymore.