Mosquito’s are dicks.

There’s no getting away from these little bastards, and most of you reading this will probably become one’s dinner tonight (or if you’re as yummy as me, you’ll be an all-you-can-eat fucking buffet).

Sure there are ways to keep the insects at bay for a while; bug spray, nets, special candles and a lot of prayer… but these things only repel the winged douche-bags for a short time…

Enter: the mosquito targeting laser!


Why use noneffective bullshit that only repels, when you can pretty much murder insects mid flight? The system apparently only targets mosquito’s, meaning wasps and bees won’t be assassinated. Which kinda sucks, but hey, maybe for a few extra bucks they’ll add a setting for zapping all insects who dare to come within 20 meters of your house.


The penalty is DEATH!

Oh, and this nifty invention could probably help reduce the number of people getting infected by malaria… so that’s cool too, I guess.