Capital Craft Beer Academy was a first for Pretoria, a restaurant which specializes in serving quality foods together with the best craft beers that South Africa has to offer.

Craft beers are much more than just a refreshing beverage, each beer has a story to tell. Their tasty dishes will elaborate on these tales and are designed to complement the spicy taste of barley/wheat and hops. It is also part of their mission to educate their clientele about the brewing process, the different types of beer and also to help you discover the rich fragrances, aromas, and tastes locked away in each beer you order. They are dedicated to directing their efforts and actions in such a way as to promote their vision and mission.

You might’ve been to Capital Craft in the past, or if you’re one of THOSE people who have never even heard of this place. Listen up, bro. Ons gaan bietjie vir jou informasie gee van Capital Craft wat jy dalk nie van geweet het nie. We’re talking “13 Things you didn’t know about Capital Craft” – also a first in Pretoria 😉

When you’re one of THOSE people

1. First and foremost. Capital Craft has a moerse variety of craft beers for your enjoyment. A whopping 47 x local breweries call Capital Craft their home away from home and a mindblowing 37 x international breweries. A total of 226 beers. You did read that correct, 226 beers. That is the most in Africa. With that said, who has had every single beer that Capital Craft has to offer? You sir (or madam) deserve a sertifikaat.

2. Capital Craft has a huge variety of gin and even gin platters… Yes, gin platters. They have a total of 17 gins to choose from. No one can say “Nee dankie” to that.  And also, no more wrestling and fighting with your partner about “they never have what I want to drink.” Capital Craft stocks all these, just for her, or even some for Die Manne. Indulge in a craft beer and gin, and wrestle at home afterward 😉 Let’s also sommer gooi it in here, for the refined lads and ladies, 31 whiskey choices. Pinkie in die lug tyd!

3. Capital Craft are not just relying on their laurels when it comes to events and entertainment. They also host the biggest Craft Beer Festival in South Africa (look it up) and are also the organizers of Park Acoustics, Mieliepop Festival, Tshwanefontein and Lentedag. How do they do it all? Listen up!

4. Capital Craft has a dedicated social media team handling all the inquiries and complaints. They do not rest… except when there is free beer to offer. We’ve seen this. They are just as passionate about Capital Craft as the waiters, barmen, owners, and managers at Capital.

Pineapple Express

5. Let’s introduce you to the Stormtrooper. The only Stormtrooper in the world who does not miss when it comes to meat. All of Capital Craft’s meat is smoked by this majestic smoker on site. If you order meat again, thank the Stormtrooper for that.

6. We need to talk about the staff, mainly the two general managers. They have a bearded warrior and a gentle soul keeping the Capital satisfied. Respect to Diedre and Theuns.

7. Let’s get back to drinks. Capital Craft has over 20 premium wines that you can order per glass. 20 per glass, and 38 in total to choose from. Jinne, geen dooswyn, net lekker wyn. Perfect for a romantic evening out with the dame. But that’s not all, they also have Champagne per glass for your special occasion. Thinking about popping the question, visit Capital Craft and start your romantic adventure die regte manier.

8. Did you know that Capital Craft hosts Academy Nights, where the brewers, winemakers and even distillers come and talk about their passion. These events span all over the year, started a few years ago and it has been a hit ever since. Want to drink and learn something? Join Capital Craft – Where this Beer Academy is the only Academy you’ll ever need.

9. Capital Craft has been known in Pretoria as the place with the “Goeie donner! Hierdie ribs is die beste” vibe. But, did you know they serve Pork, Beef and Lamb ribs. Yes, 3 different types of ribs. If fish had ribs like that, they would probably serve that as well.

Rack Me Three Ways

10. Do you love Francois van Coke? Do you love local music? Well, the people at Capital love local music so much. They even have a signature burger from the man himself, Francois van Coke, called the Van Coke Smoke.

Capital’s got what you crave. It’s got the Van Coke Smoke.

Van Coke Smoke

11. Menlopark a bit too far away? Scared it’s not worth the drive (it is), don’t fret. Capital Craft has another branch! Say what! Yes, another branch in Centurion. Don’t leave Tjoerras, stay in Tjoerras, enjoy Capital in Tjoerras.

12. Did you know that Capital Craft is rated number 8 out of 569 restaurants in Pretoria on TripAdvisor. Indeed, Capital is rated number 8 in Pretoria. Let’s talk math for a moment, and think about it. Capital is number 8 in Pretoria, which means that there are 561 restaurants under Capital Craft… let it sink in for a moment.

Lucky number 13. Love your doggo? We do too, and the people over at Capital as well. Capital Craft is pet-friendly, no need to leave Boelie at home. You can take him with to Capital to take in the serene view and be spoiled.

That’s it with our list. Be sure to visit one of Pretoria’s gems as soon as possible. They truly are the masters of their craft and time has shown that they will not easily be thumped from their top spot as Gauteng’s premier Craft Beer Emporium!