This week, we have a Johannesburg bru who can kill you with his ability to make you laugh. He was born with a beard, and wax in his hair. He’s an artist and designer who can do a better kickflip than you ever could. People, I present to you; the Gazelle!

Shaun The Gazelle Teles

Here is what he had to say about our 10 questions!

1. Do you think you’re able to handle your drink like a man; and why?

– . Hahaha no fucking way, but that’s the beauty of it, cheap thrills!!! ALWAYS MIX DRINKS!!

2. Any moves in bed that can leave a lady breathless?

– More signature drinks than bedroom tactics, but some okes are creeping’ “two finger tango” or the “bowling ball” hahaha holy shit I’m joking don’t fucking put that in there.

3. If your house was on fire; which three inanimate objects would you take with?

– My sketch book probably, my Mac and I think I’d find a black rubbish bag and fill it like those kids from KTV doing the Reggie’s rush.. Always wanted to be on that show!! Too dope!

4. How did the nickname the ‘Gazelle’ come about?

– It happened at the skate park back in the good old days, I think we all watched Real skateboards Life and Times and Bravo was bombing the San Francisco hills and he got bit… Bit by the motherfucking gazelle… So I stole that shit and used it at the park, it was peculiar I think that’s why it stuck

5. If you could choose, what would the message be on your tombstone?

– Don’t drink the Kool-aid

6. Worst drunken night you had out? And why was it so bad?

– It was with you bro, that night at O’Hagans when I was just entering my alcoholic phase… Fuck till this day that night/morning after still haunts me… I can’t believe you managed to sell your car after that… That shit crazy!

7. Would you consider yourself a stingy person?

– You goddamn right I do, hahaha but I’ve become more chilled…When I was young I was stupid, if I could go back in time I’d probably kick my own ass

8. Which rugby player do you think you can take on in a fist fight, and how would you win?

– I don’t know any rugby players man, Bakkies Botha is a beast though, but I won’t fight any of them…People need to know their limits hahaha

9. What’s your pick up ‘action’ with the ladies?

– I slam that style where I stand over her by the bed and breathe heavily with my eyes wide and just watch… That always works with the ladies; I call it the sloth gaze.

10. If you received 10 million rand, what would you spend it on, and don’t tell me you’ll invest it?

– I would do so much drugs I’ll fucking die!!!! But if I wasn’t on such a path of self destruction, I would obviously quit my job, invest in companies that I affiliate my believes with (yes, I said invest, fuck the rules) and just travel bro have fun and make money… People loose sight of what’s important when they caught up in the rat race, this world and your life will end sooner than you think, death follows you everywhere…. So do something worth doing!!

Shout outs: thanks for the interview Ed and here’s to new life and shout out to the sidewalks for keeping me off the streets!!

We would like to thank The Gazelle for giving us some hindsight into his world, you can follow him on Twitter here. And If you want to be part of the 10 Questions madness, drop us a comment or email us at