For this week’s victim 🙂 we chose Captain/Chef Michelle, and according to her, one of the “smart blondes” in the world. She’s an open minded, free spirited soul. She loves her beer, but can also kick back with a sophisticated glass of wine. She loves to challenge people in all aspects, just to see if they can keep up with her and her ever changing and crazy world. This is a side note, she also informed us that her boobs are one of her trademarks, but we’ll get more into that in the questions.

Michelle Scheepers

Here is what she had to say about our 10 questions!

1. What’s your poison when you go out?

– A quick water at home you know to shock the liver with some H20, then full on beer, tequila and a Jagërbomb or four to wash it down.

2. Have you ever cheated on a guy and if so, did it have any consequences?

– Yes, we broke up because I thought if I felt true to him then I would not have cheated in the first place!

3. What’s the naughtiest you’ve ever been on a night out?

– Mmmmm…. I got into a fight at Oppikoppi; I thought the girl was strangling my sister and with all the Vodka in me I ended up knocking the poor girl out!

4. Who in your personal opinion do you think you would end up with?

– I don’t know that one but I know we will rule the world.

5. If you could name your boobs, what would they’re names be? Also, if they already have names, please do elaborate…

– Well. I would say Bonnie & Clyde because together we commit the perfect crimes.

6. Thinking back in your 22 years, is there anything you would’ve done different in your life?

– No, absolutely nothing, I believe in ‘Regret nothing and learn from everything.’

7. What does a guy have to do to swoop you off your feet?

– Clean feet and nice teeth are a must, but he has to be fun to hang out with and be chilled enough to stay at home with some DVD’s, oh and if he can cook! And look good in a suit. And the biggest thing is RESPECT!! Love that in a man.

8. If you were given R1m to spend in a week, what would you do with it; booze, naked butlers and wrecking golf carts?

– I would travel the world and get more tattoos and buy my mommy and sister something special, something of their choice, I’m not someone that worries about money that much.

9. Do you think you can down a beer, while hanging upside down and humming ‘Hemel op die Platteland’ by Fokofpolisiekar?

– Well I will try; I love a challenge…, and do it twice for fun

10. If you could could choose, which person would you like to see completely nude and why?

– There is this guy that I gym with, but I don’t know his name, but he has muscles and tattoos everywhere. I would love to see all the tattoos *nudge nudge*. Hehe

We would like to thank Michelle giving us some hindsight into her world. You can follow her on Twitter here. And If you want to be part of the 10 Questions phenomenon, drop us a comment or email us at