With last week’s 10 Questions a booming success we thought, hell let’s give it another shot. This week we have Mr. Marko Fourie, the apparent owner of Secunda and the only person in the world with a permanent Batman sign on his chest, which will only be shown if you buy him a drink or 8. He’s also a Norfff local who’s very picky when choosing his ladies, so settle down females.

Marko Fourie Questions

Here is what he had to say about our 10 questions!

1. First things first Mr. Fourie, what exactly does ‘my gif uitsuig’ mean?

– I have a lot of bad juice in me and ‘suiging the gif’ out means that I let a girl have the opportunity to help and suck it out to make me a better person.

2. Who gave you your best kiss ever?

– Joh, that’s a hard one but I’d have to say one of my friends Susan Mouton in Gr2, she really knew what she was doing.

3. If you could go out drinking with anyone; alive or dead, who would you choose?

– Easy! Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp, because I don’t think that anyone parties harder than those 2.

4. What’s the stupidest thing you ever did drunk?

– You don’t have enough space for me for this question, but one of them would be running from the police when I was hammered and they caught me and breaking a crystal vase that my mother got from her grandmother!

5. If one movie could be remade into a porno, what would it be and why?

– Definitely ‘Harry Twatter and the prisoner that got his ass boned’, because who would not like to see Hermione naked?? I do

6. Who is the hottest girl you know, and no you don’t know Megan Fox.

– A girl named Liezl..

7. Big or small boobs, and why?

– Big boobs! That’s a stupid question because you have more room to motorboat.

8. Do you have your own dance move, for instance ‘The Twerk’ or ‘The Wiggle’, if so explain it?

– I actually do and it’s called the K-shuffle and if you were a regular at Gossip you would’ve definitely seen it.

9. Have you ever been caught pants down busy doing your thing?

– Nope why the fuck would I get caught? I am a 3rd degree ninja.

10. If you magically one day develop a superpower, what would it be?

– When I blink my eyes something that I am looking at explodes!! First the taxi’s and then the world!!

We would like to thank Marko Fourie giving us some hindsight’s into his world, if you want to be part of the 10 Questions phenomenon, drop us a comment or email us at whyiamed@gmail.com