There’s always a first for everything, so we’re starting a new trend called ten questions. Each week we will ask a person 10 questions, 10 things you don’t normally ask about, and we’ll try and mix it up.

This week we have Die Poena; a peculiar fellow who’s more often than not seen without his shirt on when he goes out drinking. He has a small interest in Why Ed and a liver of steel. He’s also out of the North of Snor City and has pet named Knoffel.

Die PoenaHere is what he had to say about our 10 questions!

1. What’s your favourite sexual position and why?

– Moet bo die girl lê – sit my in beheer.

2. What’s the drunkest you ever got?

– Oppikoppi 2012, passed out in the early morning and was filmed by a TV crew.

3. Where’s the weirdest place you ever woke up after a good night out?

– Brits weg oorkant Gossip on a Sunday morning, in the Norff

4. What’s your life motto?

– Die 5 B’s – Branna’s, Biltong, Bier, Boobs en Bakkies Botha

5. Have you ever stolen something, if so, what was it?

– A Funnel – why not??

6. How old where you when you played with the birds and bees?

– 22… 🙂

7. What pick up line according to you works every time?

– Did it hurt? “What??” When you fell out of heaven!!

8. Who according to you will you end up with? And why?

– Kan ongelukig hom nie be-antwoord nie 🙁

9. Who would win in a fight between Francois van Coke and Jack Parow if they ever got in a brawl, and why?

– Jack Parow – hy het ñ goue ketting om sy jippe, ñ spanner en ñ braai tang.

10. If you had to choose one, in what would you go out partying in: A Tutu or a Speedo and why?

– Fok ñ tutu! ñ Speedo want ek het ñ sexy V-line en ñ six pack (moet dan net gewax word vir die dames)

We thank Poena for his time and effort for these questions; you can follow him on Twitter here.